26 March 2015

When Will You Make an End? When I am Finished!

Okay, a grand estate it's not. But it's ours, and I'm already thinking of it as home. I thought to myself this morning (whined, actually): I wanna go home. Ah, our little two-bedroom Samara home -- the home with no closets on 1.65 acres, more or less, so near, and yet so far . . . but we're getting there. Check-out this photo as it shows several items of interest, not the least of which is an absence of curb appeal, the remaining mauve paint . . . and the fact that you'll never see the home from this angle unless your driving downhill. The front terrace needs some tall planters/plantings beside the door. Still lot's o' machinery on that western slope.

There's our utility pole in the foreground. True, a utility pole isn't exciting . . . but just wait until I paint it and cover every inch with little shells that we'll collect at the beaches. Such is my plan. The pole is also notable as it marks the northern boundary of Mil Colinas. An unresolved issue is the overall plan for this area -- how to transition and landscape an almost vertical hill that denotes our northern lot-line from the flat, garage-level area. The transition plan depends on Rusty's garage plan. I believe that he's already got a few ideas.

Note the driveway. It's not large in any way, but there is enough room for a garage and some storage. Will it accommodate two-cars? I doubt it. I envision only a 1-1/2 car garage with plenty of built-in storage for Rusty. For Rusty's stuff, I mean. Actually, I picture more of a carport. Somehow it should mirror the style of the home . . . and I suspect maintaining the home's style means using the same roof tile, which won't be cheap. Will 56 wrenches help in the construction of a garage? I doubt it . . . though I concede that a miter-box could be handy. It had better be handy as there isn't more than $12,000 in the budget for a carport/garage.

Remember the wall that begins there at our driveway soon-to-be-garage area? It extends south down the roadway that leads down the mountain. Why aren't the stones the same color? Is it because the lower/sloping stair-stepped wall is new? Will those white stones age with the patina of a bygone era? I care not, really . . . it's merely an interesting difference in a single long wall. After a few weeks of rainy season, we'll know if the appearance will change.

Here we are at the top of that retaining wall, before the planting of the palms. This is where the pool will live . . . soon, please. Rearing its head again is the ugly little subject of finances. In order to complete the pool and pool deck, not to mention the fence/gate around the pool area . . . and the landscaping, irrigation system, and more retaining walls, we still need to come up with $30,000, more or less. That's just for the pool stuff. And who are we kidding? We needed to break-ground on Rusty's garage and/or studio yesterday!

But what about my thatch cover over the pool deck? That needs to be high priority, too, because it will protect Rusty's outdoor kitchen . . . and my porcelain complexion. I just happen to have some ideas. God bless Pinterest. Now you may see the photo here and see a cool swim-up bar with a raised, thatched play area. I see thatch that is in no way centered above the top level, is messy as it cascades below, and isn't centered over the bar, either . . . and this makes me crazy. But, if done properly, isn't this groovy? Picture the lower roof not above a bar but as the cover for the pool deck . . . and then the second level with its improved, properly-centered thatch just south of the pool area. There's Rusty's first studio/play-area. And how expensive could this be? Honey-bunny, you've got $8000 budgeted . . . make it work, please.

The other day the Samara's high temperature was 101F. True, that's about 10 degrees higher than average, but it goes to show that hot days can spring from nowhere. Yesterday was only 92, but the heat index was 100. Our pool must be completed.

Yes, we can be at the beach in 15 minutes, but in the middle of unpacking box after box, one wants a cool plunge in a new pool. Or . . . a nappy-nap on this outdoor lounge.

Looks as if Rusty's schedule is filled. Lo que hay.