01 April 2015

I’m Going To Make Him An Offer He Can’t Refuse

What a view! Someone needs some poolside furniture to sit and admire that view. My Amazon.com-typing-fingers say buy, buy, buy! My bank balance says Buying bad, saving good. My bank balance needs to mind its own business.

Mil Colinas, our little home in Samara's new development, was listed as Lot 6 on the community's master plan. Just above us up the mountain is Lot 7. We looked at and considered purchasing Lot 7. It was a bit more expensive, had a few hundred extra square feet and a separate half-bath. Still, we preferred Mil Colinas. And in the negotiations for little Lot 6, Lubos made us an offer we couldn't refuse . . . adding a kitchen island, furnishings of our choice, new paint colors, etc. Our home, we believe, has the better ocean/jungle view . . . even though it doesn't have the infinity pool like Lot 7. I don't need an infinity pool. Really, I don't. I believe, I believe.