01 April 2015

I’m Going To Make Him An Offer He Can’t Refuse

What a view! Someone needs some poolside furniture to sit and admire that view. My Amazon.com-typing-fingers say buy, buy, buy! My bank balance says Buying bad, saving good. My bank balance needs to mind its own business.

Mil Colinas, our little home in Samara's new development, was listed as Lot 6 on the community's master plan. Just above us up the mountain is Lot 7. We looked at and considered purchasing Lot 7. It was a bit more expensive, had a few hundred extra square feet and a separate half-bath. Still, we preferred Mil Colinas. And in the negotiations for little Lot 6, Lubos made us an offer we couldn't refuse . . . adding a kitchen island, furnishings of our choice, new paint colors, etc. Our home, we believe, has the better ocean/jungle view . . . even though it doesn't have the infinity pool like Lot 7. I don't need an infinity pool. Really, I don't. I believe, I believe.
You've seen the outdoor corner terrace area of our home, as yet with no shower, nor with all that earth/concrete, nor with the landscaping along the side of the home. Actually, my gimmes go further than this rock shower. In the best safari camps of Southern Africa (yes, Africa again . . . I love it, it's my thing, let it go) their outdoor showers are surrounded on one side for privacy, but two or even three sides open to the beautiful views. That's what I want. Honey, when our $1000 shower is in place, please make a fabulous "surround" that opens to the ocean and jungle views. Guess I should make Rusty an offer he can't refuse (such as a larger budget for his studio). 

Our terrace tile is as nice as Lot 7, don't you think? Inside the home the floor plan is almost identical to ours at Mil Colinas . . . except that Lot 7 has those little peach-n-white tiles carried throughout the home; and we get a nice, neutral tile. A neutral tile . . . because those little peach tiles would totally clash with my plans for the fuchsia paint in our hallway.*

It's all happening. We received new photos last night sent by our builder and our realtor. The For Sale sign goes into our DFW home one week from today. Now all we need is a purchase offer that we can't refuse.  We need X-dollars in equity or I don't get all of my pool furniture. I find myself wanting to spend money, right this very second . . . money that we won't have until the home sells. 

While looking at the new photos last night, Rusty and I discussed our pool furniture needs: not when or what to buy . . . merely whether we wanted to seat four or 12 people. Little details such as that. But clearly, for Rusty to participate in such a discussion, he is totally on board with outdoor furnishing. Finally! My husband: my first lesson in Tico time. This morning I purchased the dining table and conversation set.* Say Hallelujah!

Yes, the permanent move now has been delayed by one full month . . . but this lengthy delay is a good exercise of my patience for Tico Time. Yes, for all of those little peach tiles, I'm proud to have lovely Lot 7 as a neighbor. And, yes, I'm quite aware of the grammatical error in the title of this post. Lo que hay! 

*April Fools, darling. No fuchsia paint, anywhere . . . and no patio furniture . . . yet.