26 March 2015

When Will You Make an End? When I am Finished!

Okay, a grand estate it's not. But it's ours, and I'm already thinking of it as home. I thought to myself this morning (whined, actually): I wanna go home. Ah, our little two-bedroom Samara home -- the home with no closets on 1.65 acres, more or less, so near, and yet so far . . . but we're getting there. Check-out this photo as it shows several items of interest, not the least of which is an absence of curb appeal, the remaining mauve paint . . . and the fact that you'll never see the home from this angle unless your driving downhill. The front terrace needs some tall planters/plantings beside the door. Still lot's o' machinery on that western slope.

There's our utility pole in the foreground. True, a utility pole isn't exciting . . . but just wait until I paint it and cover every inch with little shells that we'll collect at the beaches. Such is my plan. The pole is also notable as it marks the northern boundary of Mil Colinas. An unresolved issue is the overall plan for this area -- how to transition and landscape an almost vertical hill that denotes our northern lot-line from the flat, garage-level area. The transition plan depends on Rusty's garage plan. I believe that he's already got a few ideas.

25 March 2015

I'll Have What She's Having.

My friend April has a knack for getting anything she wants from her husband. For ten years she's tried to explain her secrets. I thought I owned a brain, but clearly such is not the case. I want this knack that April has. She should write a book.

You should see our DFW home, or not. Still packed with boxes going first to storage and then to Samara; a game room, garage, and patio filled for a garage sale; and a wreck of a bedroom full of once-clean, never folded laundry. For an obsessive organizer, it's my idea of heaven, or not. Too bad it's the maid's year off.

Years ago I learned a little trick. I don't think it was from my mother-in-law, though it's certainly her style. Here goes: Wanna look as though you've not sat down once all day and have been working hard to please your hubby?

22 March 2015

Gone To The Dogs

So there's this old movie called If A Man Answers starring Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin . . . Cesar Romero, too. Anyway, newlywed Sandra struggles to make Bobby into an ideal husband and approaches her mother for advice. Her mother presents her with a little book on . . . wait for it: dog training. It's entitled something like How to Train Man's Best Friend. Sandra is appalled! She's disgusted . . . even more so when she realizes that her parents' perfect marriage is the product of tips in a dog-training book. But wait, ChouChou, she tells Sandra, and turns to the chapter describing how to make your dog come to you. "Rule Number 1: Always associate something good with the words "come here."

Suddenly it all made perfect sense. In my junior-high-school brain, I now had a plan to live happily-ever-after, one day. Of course in the film the scheme blows-up for both marriages . . . but everyone still lives happily ever after. Hey, it's Sandra Dee . . . we expect nothing less than a fairy tale.

20 March 2015

Things Are Not What They Seem. Nor Are They Otherwise

Last October we placed a contract on our new Samara home and closed in January. It's now officially late March. Not early March or mid-March. It's late March; and we're still back in Texas waiting to sell our home. That's not quite right. We're still waiting to put the For Sale sign in the yard. We're waiting on my disposa-phobic husband; but that's a whole 'nuther story, another blog, or at least another post. Yes, I am the victim of a disposa-phob. There. I said it.

05 March 2015

I have FEVER! Cabin Fever . . . at 22 Degrees!

Cabin Fever - noun; A state characterized by anxiety, restlessness, and boredom, arising from a prolonged stay in a remote or confined place.

I'm back . . . still complaining about the snow and ice in Dallas. Intellectually, we realize that this may be the last time we experience snow, in person -- and it is indeed a beautiful covering of snow. So we should appreciate it, right? But emotionally, we want sunshine, sandy beaches, monkeys, and cold cerveza on a hot Samara day. Today in Samara is Thirsty Thursday at our favorite beach bar, Lo Que Hay. And Samara will reach the mid-90s today. What are we doing here?!

02 March 2015

I Feel Good, I Feel Great, I Feel Wonderful . . .

I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful . . . I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful . . . I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful. 

OK, it's true, we both feel wonderful . . . winter-wonderland wonderful. Winter precipitation so rarely visits DFW; and we should never complain about such a wonderland. But I have things to do. And we can't help but wish that we were in Samara today.