05 March 2015

I have FEVER! Cabin Fever . . . at 22 Degrees!

Cabin Fever - noun; A state characterized by anxiety, restlessness, and boredom, arising from a prolonged stay in a remote or confined place.

I'm back . . . still complaining about the snow and ice in Dallas. Intellectually, we realize that this may be the last time we experience snow, in person -- and it is indeed a beautiful covering of snow. So we should appreciate it, right? But emotionally, we want sunshine, sandy beaches, monkeys, and cold cerveza on a hot Samara day. Today in Samara is Thirsty Thursday at our favorite beach bar, Lo Que Hay. And Samara will reach the mid-90s today. What are we doing here?!

I left the home last Wednesday for a doctor appointment. Rusty drove me since it was still icy. I left the house yesterday to pick-up a prescription. Again, Rusty drove me in the sleet and freezing rain . . . before last night's snow fall began, in earnest. Otherwise, I've been stranded. I'm paralyzed by cold. Stranded . . . like a rat in a trap, like an animal in a cage.  I pace, I pack, I plan . . . and I'm going bonkers. Increasing my distress is the odd behavior of our dog. Jill, too, is pacing, sleeping too much, generally distressed, and even refusing food (not a problem that has affected Jill's mother). Do dogs get Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)? I actually Googled that question, along with issues on doggie dementia . . . and read for hours. Yes, I know I need to get out of the house. But where?!

Anyway, little Jill is showing signs of either depression or dementia . . . or both. After all, the Internet is authoritative, right? She awoke at midnight just as the blizzard was at its strongest, ran out the pet door, and just sat in the blowing snow on the patio watching the accumulation. Is that a crazy dog? Is that a confused dog? Or is that a dog who finally found her Zen place? Then she scampered . . . paw prints disrupting the perfect, thick blanket of snow. Scampering? Really, Jill? 

Jill likes snow. Her dad is from Scotland. She was bred to tackle Britain's Fells. So perhaps we're seeing a change in her mood due to snow. Sadly, I've sold most of her winter coats (yes, she had more coats that I), so she's frolicking outdoors au naturel. So while part of our little family scampers in snow drifts, others shiver by the fireplace . . . and Samara's residents are enjoying Thirsty Thursday . . . and tomorrow is First Friday . . . and we're missing it!

Now it's small comfort, but indeed exciting to look at the photographs of the progress at Finca los JalapeƱos. Architect/engineer Cynthia provided several photos. The rock retaining walls continue to climb skyward, and Cynthia has begun landscaping. Landscaping is the exciting part for me; I'd love to be present to help.

But let's stop the whining and take a little tour of the progress at Finca los JalapeƱos. Not only is the stone retaining wall complete along the east side (the roadway side) of the home, Cynthia has planted palms the entire length of the wall. I can see how much growth has occurred on the side below the bedroom windows in the few months since we left Samara in late October. So these palms evidently grow quickly, even in dry season. Look how tall are the palms that extend south from the house and terrace.

I don't know what other landscaping is planned on the other side of those palms (and when I say planned I mean included in the purchase price). This is the terraced area on which the pool and pool deck will be constructed. It appears fairly private now. In other words, I could probably run around au naturel without alarming passers-by. Probably. And eventually there will be a rancho/palapa roof covering the pool deck and outdoor kitchen on that same level. That construction, too, will add to our privacy. Speaking of privacy, see that little bright-blue stripe behind our home? That's the infinity-edge pool of Lot 7, the property just up the mountain above our home. Yes, it's visible from our road but not from our backyard; nor is our pool visible from Lot 7.

Re-grading has begun in earnest. This is our back yard where the pool will be dug and the pool deck poured. How did Cynthia locate such tall palms? The effect feels quite private to me. Thanks, Cynthia. That's our master bedroom window, so we'll have a lovely view of the pool, the jungle mountain, and on to the sea. 

Why are we still in Dallas? Our plan was to have the For Sale sign in the yard by March 1. We'll be lucky to have placed the sign by this time next week. Very lucky. In the meantime, North Texas is low on fire wood, truly. Who would expect this much snow in March? Only in Texas.

Our moving plans have stalled. Not ended, merely stalled. This should not be happening to me. Not to me! Stalled, I say . . . while the good folks of Samara enjoy Thirsty Thursday followed by First Friday. Did I mention that the First Friday events begin at 2:00 p.m. on those Fridays? I love when happy hour begins at 2:00. Maybe we should have our own Thirsty Thursday . . . beginning at noon . . . with rum-runners. Here, I'll help: 

1 oz Captain Morgan® spiced rum
.25 oz blackberry liqueur
.25 oz creme de bananes
2 oz orange juice
8 oz crushed ice
Blend until slushy and pour into your mouth.
Out of rum? Reach for the vodka. No blackberry or banana liqueur? Skip these non-essential extras and just reach for the vodka . . . or Crown . . . and your tiara  -- hey, lo que hay!