02 March 2015

I Feel Good, I Feel Great, I Feel Wonderful . . .

I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful . . . I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful . . . I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful. 

OK, it's true, we both feel wonderful . . . winter-wonderland wonderful. Winter precipitation so rarely visits DFW; and we should never complain about such a wonderland. But I have things to do. And we can't help but wish that we were in Samara today.
This isn't snow in the photograph. This is our backyard covered in almost an inch of solid white ice pellets from hours of sleet and freezing rain earlier in the week. Were it snow it would be less treacherous for walking and/or driving. That said, even a snow dusting this deep would shut-down North Texas. Why, Dallas, Fort Worth and the surrounding districts announced school closings last night, before a drop of frozen precipitation fell. With snow we'd see the neighborhood children building little snowmen. But today? Not a soul outside . . . it's just too slippery. Our mailbox is locked in ice. Truly, it won't open. 

A week ago we had a garage sale. Un peu un peu. Whoops, wrong language again. Como se dice en espaƱol? Poco a poco? Little by little I see progress. Rusty sold his big (B-I-G) motorcycle, Pilgrim. We even had two nice couples view the home, and the For Sale sign isn't even in the yard yet. So not a shabby weekend, though I had to part with my two-wheeled vehicle . . . a girly-pink Vespa with only 54 miles. Can you see me weeping?

So we've been snowed-in for a week (only one trip out into the world last Wednesday when temperatures nudged above freezing). Over the weekend heavy snow fell. Real snow. Not ice . . . but a light, dry snow. Even without ice, Dallas drivers can't even handle snow, as they proved today, with reckless abandon.

Because it's wet and icy, we can't moved more packed boxes to the storage shed. Because we can't remove boxes from the house, there's no room to keep packing boxes. Excuses, excuses.

It's too cold to work in the garage to pack and organize the real challenge in this move. We haven't seen the sunshine in days, so the weather isn't conducive to taking photographs for eBay. And me with an extraordinary collection of N-scale trains to sell. So man plans, God laughs. Because God knows, lo que hay!