04 July 2017

I Left My Thimbles And Socialist Reading Material At Home.

Penny the Puppy and I engaged in a few arguments this week . . . all having to do with grooming. Our little 11-pound animal sounds as if she'll take off your face. But she cannot be allowed to win any fight . . . despite what she believes to be her qualified judgment and her good Berkeley roots.

These fights made me think of U.S. politics . . . especially as we approached this Independence Day. Fight with liberal dog. White House administration, U.S. Congress . . . most logical connections in the world, right?

Anyway, maven of movie lines that I am . . . fan of David Lean's genius . . . and Doctor Zhivago ranking in my top-five films of all time, I've firmly scolded Penny stating, "I want this carried out with no anarchy!" And then, paraphrasing, I've told her that we'll have no anarchy!

So what on earth has this to do with Independence Day in the United States? Well, a few weeks ago a friend, knowing that we're from Texas, mistook my political beliefs. Yikes! Could have been my framed N.R.A. membership certificate. That or my 300 Win Mag mounted on the back window of the Land Cruiser. Maybe not. Anyway, she was quickly and sharply corrected. Then, over the weekend I found myself politically stereotyping our new Samara friends based on the U.S. state from which they moved (Colorado). I was correct, of course; but stereotyping remains a slippery slope.

On Sunday I asked a dear friend of mine here in Samara whether it was time for me to come out of the closet, politically, and let the world (Samara, that is) know of my political views. I decided not to take any such drastic steps at this point. Still, it's not rocket surgery to guess my political stance, and I'll wrap up a hint with these three words: Peace Corps Volunteer!  If those three words fail to give-away my political leanings, you need to do some homework . . . that, and stop voting for any office higher than dog catcher as you're clearly not qualified to judge any political candidate. Whoa! Kathy! 

Anyway, then I was reminded how different are Rusty's and my political views. I wouldn't say polar opposites -- hardly. But Rusty is a true anarchist. We rarely discuss politics, except to embrace the genius of John Oliver (okay, there's a second hint). So I'm fine with anarchy these days. Why, I've been known even to cross party lines; and I can argue both sides of the aisle with the best of 'em. 

So on this particular Fourth of July, I'm celebrating a historical event, or events . . . those that took place on July 2 and July 4, 1776. This year I find it difficult to celebrate being a citizen of the United States. On the other hand, any excuse for a party.

Then, as I was bemoaning the state of politics in the U.S., I found this meme. I love it, with one exception: if one is going to take the time to alter a photo with an overlay of text, please, please get your grammar/punctuation correct! Is that too much to ask?

Bitching about grammar appears among my top five hobbies. Bitching about politics, as a hobby, doesn't even hit my radar; though admittedly burying my head in the Costa Rica sand reflects just another sad example of my well-honed denial skills. Right or wrong, I do love the absence of U.S. news regarding the leaders of the free world.

Okay, one more. Speaking of bitching, grammar, and the free world, I've yet to meet anyone, Trump supporter or hater, who will disagree that Kellyanne Conway looks like a slut! Ooops! Kathy! Someone get that woman a talented, qualified stylist and grammar/dialogue coach. 

Had enough? I, also. And clearly, the cat's out of the bag as to my current political views. I hope. Time for a drink. Lo que hay.