22 September 2015

Never Trust A Sailor On Dry Land

Let's move quickly through some very important business. 

 G'mar Chatimah Tovah. And I'll leave that to you to Google.

We've chosen for the title of today's post a quote from the lovely film, Atonement, based on the brilliant novel by Ian McEwan.

No, I never name film names in my posts, but for this most important day of atonement, I felt it important to mention the film lest you not recognize the quote . . . and it fits with the tale of our pirate festivities. I should add that it seems a tad disrespectful to talk of food and parties, but it's I, so ye be not surprised, right? Thus, on to the tale of what's happened of late in Costa Rica.

Saturday was International Talk Like A Pirate Day, and I believe that our little celebration did not disappoint. All of our friends were in attendance (save and except our beloved Donna and Kat, who were out of the country). Then there were the friends who brought new and delightful friends. I lost count of the guests, and certainly lost track of the names. One day I'll see one of these new friends at the Pali and have no idea of his/her name. But such a minor faux pas will surely be forgiven considering the grog-effect. At least no furniture or unwilling guests went overboard into the pool.

Now here's the really freaky part: I spent a week making decorations . . . quite sophisticated decorations . . . as if a pirate party requires sophistication. Still, if you know me, you know that that our pirate party does indeed require perfection. Hey, I'm working on that little issue. 

Sadly, so much pirate grog passed everyone's lips, few photos were taken. But trust me when I tell you, I felt like Sandra Lee. One of Sandra's tablescapes is shown here; but in all candor, styled for a pirate party, mine was better. Way better. And with all due respect to Ms Lee's current trials (she's like Arabella, with her intrinsic fellow), someone should have slapped me out of my Martha-Stewart-meets-Sandra-Lee mania. I mentioned the decorating, Modge-Podge madness to Becky, who remarked, Good God, girl, Sandra has five production assistants, sous chefs, and weeks to prepare!  I did enjoy crafting, however; and it kept me out of Cap'n Sparky's hair.

So Mil Colinas was totally bedecked for a pirate party: a special all-pirate-all-the-time playlist, Jolly Roger flying proudly, treasure-hunt maps, and eye-patches galore. The menu included everything from cackle fruit (go ahead, ask Google) to whale bones and peg legs.

By midnight the Jolly Roger was removed and the Bayern Coat of Arms hoisted for the beginning of Oktoberfest. Yeah, we've been a bit busy. And Rusty has a new moniker . . . though only through t' curse o' t' grog did many guests confuse my pirate name with Rusty's . . . thus Rusty became Cap'n Sparky. Anyway, the name seems to have stuck as we've received several emails thanking me n' Cap'n Sparky for the pirate day festivities.

Our darling Cynthia was the star of the party in her pirate dress, complete with Marley the talking parrot (who gnawed to bits my earring). 

Sunday afternoon we drove to San Jose to replace Cap'n Sparky's passport (which I washed & dried weeks ago)  . . . still singin' pirate songs through the entire drive from Samara. We returned from San Joe with a bounty of booty . . . finally, shade for the pool in the form of a large cantilevered umbrella, and shade for the terrace in the form of draperies (more on that later)The garage is almost complete (more on that later, too).

So we'll keep this post short. After all, it's a rather sober day. With all the enjoyable fuss for ITLAPD, what be next for St. Andrew's Day? Lo que hay.